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Restaurante Tubal

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Vegetables are the big names on our menu.

We take advantage of the very best from our kitchen gardens each season and adapt our dishes accordingly, so we have one menestra of mixed vegetables in winter and a different one in the spring, bringing in Navarra asparagus, artichokes, broad beans and tiny garden peas.

People come to Túbal to enjoy the great cuisine and the warm welcoming atmosphere. The warmth is palpable and has been carried down from one generation to the next.

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About Tubal

Tradition tells that Túbal-Caín (in English, Tubalcain) was the first blacksmith in history, the tamer of fire and the father of ironsmiths. As he hit the anvil, he created music with the melodic rhythm of the hammers. He then made seven bells of different thicknesses, and when these were clashed against one another like cymbals, they gave us our musical scale.

He founded cities as well, and amongst these was the distinguished town of Tafalla, to which he brought mastery of fire, power over the metals of cooking pots and the harmony of the music of Paradise.

Thousands of years later, Demetrio and Ascensión began the culinary saga of Túbal in a small establishment where they chose to restore the name of the founding father. Their daughter Atxen inherited, from her parents, and perhaps from Tubal himself, skill in the mastery of the fire under cooking pots and in the heart of ovens and stoves.

She has two children, Beatriz and Nicolás, and she has handed down to them the wonderful gift of her know-how on good management of the catering business and her love for the art of cooking. In charge of today’s Túbal are Beatriz with the books, Nicolás in the kitchen and Marta (Nicolás’s wife) in the dining room, alongside Atxen.

What a splendid set-up to enjoy: the unparalleled table, and, if we are lucky, the no less wonderful musical talents of the exceptional Atxen who, as if it were not enough, also inherited from the ancient blacksmith the secrets of the musical scale and the songs of paradise.

Restaurante Túbal

Plaza de Navarra, 4
Tafalla (Navarra)

Tels.: 948 70 08 52 - 948 70 12 96
Fax: 948 70 00 50